Pronam - A joint Initiative of Kolkata Police, The Bengal & Dignity Foundation

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There are approximately 81,00,000 senior citizens in India and nearly 30% of these senior citizens stay alone. Many Pan-Indian surveys have revealed that a sizeable chunk of this population face serious concerns related to their safety, security, health etc. Often, these senior citizens are physically incapacitated in some ways or the other, which prevents them from visiting a police station or any other agency for their safety and security. Many a times, they are not able to receive appropriate medical attention in times of crises and sometimes, certain legal issue pertaining to property and other matters leave them at a total loss as far as redressal of these problems is concerned.


With the objective of attending to the problems stated above, the Joint Initiative of the Kolkata Police, The Bengal and Dignity Foundation has aimed to redress these problems in the following manner :-

  1. A permanent office has been set up near Ballygunge Police Station which would act as the main coordinating office for building up a database connected to senior citizen. This office is distributing forms across the counter for senior citizens to fill up and become a part of this INITATIVE and would also receive the filled up forms for entry to the database. The office is also maintaining a 24 hour help line for attending to the distress calls of senior citizens connected to their security and health issues.

  2. There would be a set of teams which would be deputed Police Station wise to visit the homes of senior citizens who would become members of the INITIATIVE in order to conduct a security audit as well as to ascertain other problems being faced by the senior citizens pertaining to their health or any other important issue. These teams would collect details of each senior citizen and fill up a report form, which would eventually be added to the database of the senior citizen for future reference. The teams would comprise of volunteers provided by The Bengal and Dignity Foundation who would be tagged with specially designated officers from different Police Stations at the time of visiting the senior citizens. In order to constitute these teams, Govt. of West Bengal has sanctioned one additional officer in the rank of Sub-Inspector who would be specially trained for interacting with senior citizens. The specially designated officers in each Police Station would visit the senior citizens on a regular basis i.e. once a fortnight / once a month (depending on the number of senior citizens located within that P.S. jurisdiction) and they would assess the progress made in respect of the security, health, legal and other associated concerns of the senior citizens, voiced by them during their earlier visits.

  3. The 24-hour help line located in the permanent office is being manned by specially trained staff who are receiving emergency calls from senior citizens regarding security as well as health issues. Once the calls are received and the nature of the problems noted down, the concerned person would co-ordinate with the local police station for attending to the security needs or with specially designated hospitals closest to the address of the senior citizens for attending to their medical requirements. Accordingly, either a police team would visit the senior citizens or an ambulance would reach the address of the senior citizens depending on the nature of the problems faced by the senior citizens at that point of time.

Help Line : 2419-0740
Fax : 2419-0741

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