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Police Training School


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100 Years of Glorious Services since 1914






Police Training School

Dalanda House Dalanda House takes its name from Dullundah, one of the fifty five villages acquired by the East India Company in 1758. In 1847 the biggest lunatic asylum for natives was established here after shifting the old one from Russapagla. The premises in 1906 passed to the Stamp & Stationery Department of the Government of Bengal. In 1914 after eight years of persuasion Sir Frederick Halliday, Commissioner of Police, Calcutta, succeeded in establishing the Police Training School here by discontinuing the practice of sending recruits to Bhagalpur for training. However during the first few years it became infamous when Charles Tegart used it as an interrogation centre for freedom fighters of Bengal.

Architecturally this heritage building follows the Panopticon style of Jeremy Bentham which was commonly used in prisons, hospitals and asylums where a circular structure with a surveillance house at its centre kept all inmates fearful of constant vigilance.



Police Training School is determined to achieve the highest goal of excellence in Police Training for the benefit of the society.





Police Training School is constantly working to update its training quality and fulfil its mission by –

  1. Building capacity through the elements of sensitization, orientation and competency.

  2. Acquiring professional knowledge and understanding.

  3. Developing professional, organizational and community skills.

  4. Inculcating human values, right attitude and appropriate behaviour in professional and personal life.

  5. Developing overall personality (character, habits, self-discipline, soft skills, norms, values, etiquette etc.)

  6. Enhancing knowledge, skills, attitude, and behaviour required for effectively discharging duties as a member of Police Force.



The Police Training School is established to impart basic training to Recruit Constables and Drivers. It aims at transforming selected candidates to become a member of the police force through mental, physical, professional and behavioural inputs.

Apart from imparting basic training to recruit constables and drivers, the school imparts ‘in-service training’, ‘pre or post promotional training’ and other sponsored courses to police personnel of various ranks. On Government order or on request the school also imparts training to other Police or Government organizations.


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